Private Labeling

“The huge difference is that HoveHive can leverage from its 25 years goodwill heritage & retail sophistication of our current value chain to tap into the untapped opportunities held by private labeling in Nigeria” -Mr. Emmanuel Oguejiofor Group Managing Director

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At HoveHive we believe in Nigeria, as we are pioneering the trend setting within the Nigerian Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry by tapping into the strengths of private labeling to compete with top leading national and international brands by providing the same varieties of quality products under our trademarked label for the final consumers to make choices from. We have created a good Market niche for competition that spurs efficiency meaning HoveHive is at the right path of making various ranges of quality consumer goods available to local consumers at competitive price range and this is currently encouraging the local manufacturing efficiency both in effectiveness and dependency adding to the strength of the Nigerian economy as the leading power house of consumer market with the robust population of more than 170 million HoveHive is creating more jobs for our human capital and sustaining our national competitiveness  by eliminating foreign outflows of our wealth caused by importation of cheap products into the country. Also In support of our mission to position Africa for Global Excellence by upholding intrinsic values towards sustainable business competitiveness, our private label are only focused on “Made in Nigeria” products.